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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

Believing, Achieving, Succeeding

Easter Pause Day


After hearing the Easter story in church and throughout RE this half term all the children of St Matthews took part in an ‘Easter Pause Day’, this is where they spent the day reflecting on what they had learnt and what the Easter story means to Christians. Children were able to explore their own understanding and own spiritual development through various activities such as drama, art, music all linking to Jesus dying on the cross and rising again.

Church service

During our church service, Bible Club led in the worship by telling the Easter story with a twist. The children explored all the different foods that link to Easter and how they are a symbol for different parts of the story. For example, fish fingers represent Jesus’ miracles after he was resurrected. They went through the Easter story and acted out Mary finding Jesus in the tomb and explained to everyone the importance of Easter for Christians. They finished the service by explaining that we have two Easter eggs, one is for us to remind ourselves about Jesus dying on the cross and the other is to be shared with someone else who doesn’t know the Easter story, so they are learning about Jesus as well.