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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

"Our vision is to enable our whole school community to live life in all its fullness." based on John 10:10

Our Staff

Teaching Staff - September 2023

Miss P Dryden

Head Teacher

Miss C Taylor

Deputy Head Teacher, Safeguarding Lead

Opal Class Year 4 Teacher - Friday 

Mrs E Lowe

EYFS & KS1 Leader, Purple Class Reception Teacher- 2 days (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs T. Panesar

Purple Class Reception Teacher- 3 days (Mon, Tues & Weds)

Miss E Heatley

Red Class Reception Teacher

Ms F Peters

Yellow Class Year 1 Teacher/Forest School Leader

Miss P James

Green Class Year 1 Teacher

Mrs E Glaze 

Blue Class Year 2 Teacher - 3 days (Mon, Tues & Wed) 

Mrs S Almond

Forest School Teacher (Wednesday)

Blue Class Year 2 Teacher - 2 days (Thursday & Friday) 

Mrs D Park

Orange Class Year 2 Teacher

Miss L Wroth

Turquoise Class Year 3 Teacher 

Miss J Chamberlain-Webber

Emerald Class Year 3 Teacher 

Mrs C Shelton Opal Class Year 4 Teacher - 4 days (Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs)
Mrs N Ellams Pearl Class Year 4 Teacher - 3 days (Mon, Tues & Weds)
Mrs J Vassall

Pearl Class Year 4 Teacher - 2 days (Thursday & Friday)

Mrs C Lavelle

Topaz Class Year 5 Teacher - 3 days (Mon, Tues & Weds)

Mr E Hornby

Sapphire Class Year 5 Teacher

Mrs K Thomas

Topaz Class Year 5 Teacher - 2 days (Thurs & Fri)

Amethyst Class Year 6 Teacher - 1 day (Wednesday)

Ms K Pearce Garnet Class Year 6 Teacher
Mrs J Ritchie Amethyst Class Year 6 Teacher - 4 days (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs K Oswick

Inclusion Manager & Pupil Premium Lead

Mrs R Golding Intervention Teacher - 5 mornings 
Miss S Page  Specialist Music Teacher
Mrs A Sainsbury  Specialist Dance Teacher - DDMIX
Miss U Huggonson Currently on maternity leave

Support Staff

Mr G Collard 

Site Manager/Crystal Kids Staff

Mrs J Lovitt 

Schools Business Manager (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs C McCluskey 

Admin Officer/Crystal Kids Staff

Mrs C Goble

Admin Officer - 3 days (Weds, Thurs & Fri)

Mrs N Kirkhy 

Nursery Nurse/Lunchtime Supervisor/Crystal Kids Staff (Mon & Tues)

Mrs C Clifford

Teaching Assistant/Play Team/Crystal Kids Staff (Fri)

Miss G Harris

Teaching Assistant/Play Team/Crystal Kids Staff

Mrs M Turner

Higher Level Teaching Assistant 

Mrs L Riches  

Teaching Assistant/Play Team

Miss T James

Teaching Assistant/Play Team
& Crystal Kids Manager

Mrs J Noyes Teaching Assistant/Play Team
Miss L Phelan  Pupil Specific Teaching Assistant/Play Team & Crystal Kids Staff 
Miss S Smith Teaching Assistant/Play Team/After-School Clubs: Forest School 

Mrs S Collard

Teaching Assistant/Play Team & OPAL Play Co-ordinator 

Mrs R Zerka

Teaching Assistant/Play Team & ELSA 

Mrs T Stopher Teaching Assistant/Play Team/Crystal Kids Staff
Mrs A Hill  Teaching Assistant/Play Team
Miss D O'Driscoll Teaching Assistant/Play Team
Mrs E Jones Teaching Assistant/Play Team
Miss E Banham                   Teaching Assistant/Play Team/Crystal Kids Staff
Mrs C Morandi Teaching Assistant/Play Team

Mrs K Robinson

Crystal Kids Staff

Mrs S Beddingfield Crystal Kids Staff

Mrs P Lesniak

Play Team/Crystal Kids Staff

Mrs A Claydon Play Team
Miss S Parsons Play Team/Crystal Kids Staff