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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

Believing, Achieving, Succeeding

Leaving Poems written by Year 6 who left in July

Looking Back by Alfie L

We joined in Reception,

Eager and new

We needed some friends,

 and this was our cue.


We moved up to Year One,

Yellow or Green,

We tried so hard not to be messy

But the classrooms we could never keep clean!


Year Two was amazing,

Top of Key Stage One!

This, we found out,

Was actually fun!


Now in Year Three,

I’m filled with glee,

I can use the equipment,

Down the slide…weeee!


Up to Year Four,

Butser Ancient Farm

Our feet were kept warm

In the Anglo-Saxon barn.


Year Five, upstairs,

Our dreams have come true.

There’s a lift, there are lockers,

There’s an ICT room!


Finally, the top,

Year Six at last.

Our time at St. Matthew’s

was an absolute blast!


St Matthew’s by Jerome, Martha and Lily R

We came from nursery, where we couldn’t tie our shoe,

Then we joined Reception, and everything was brand new.

In Reception we started to play,

We came to school every day.


Level up to Year One,

Where there’s new work to be done.

We are learning how to read,

That’s the skill we need to succeed.


In Year Two – still in Lower school,

Where we now ruled.

Learning our phonics to make us great,

Coming to school…better not be late!


Going in to Year Three, we’re finally Key Stage Two,

New playground Woo Hoo!

We’re on the other side of the hall,

Teachers see us and exclaim, “Aren’t you tall?!”


Now in Year Four,

Opening a new door.

Eat like a Roman…dress like a Roman,

Drink like a Roman, party like a Roman!


It’s time for a big step up,

Going up stairs..up..up..up.

Year Five is here,

Leaving St Matthew’s is near.


In Year Six, SATs has come,

No worries we have already got that done.

We had covid, but we got through,

There’s nothing we can’t do!


A Year 6 Adventure- by Ezgi


Year 6 is my favourite year,

Because it is a goodbye year,

It passed with a Covid mix,

Now giving me a goodbye kiss.


It taught me honesty and happiness,

Also achieving kindness,

No sadness, no loneliness,

Like celebrating Christmas.


Now going off to Secondary school,

At the end we are shining like jewels,

But we are not breaking the golden rule,

Not forgetting our Year 6 memories in Primary school.