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Orienteering at The Thames Young Mariners Club

Orienteering is a fun outdoor challenge for anyone, any age. On the 11th of July 2017, Grace, Cloe, Beau, Emma, George, Patrick, Jitesh and Stephanie were taken to an orienteering competition after school. They travelled around Thames Young Mariners Outdoor Education centre in pairs, looking for hole punchers with different patterns.

They were timed from when they started the quest to when they finished. The first pair to go out were Cloe and Grace. They finished with a WOWING time of 10 minutes and 42 seconds. By the time they got back, the last pair (George and Jitesh) were just starting.

Most of them found it hard to find one or two of the hole punchers, but they had fun along the way. The weather wasn’t what they hoped, but it did make it more enjoyable. The goal was to find all 20 hole punchers and bring them back as quick as you could. It was a great way to work as a team and to use everyone’s skills. Cloe was good at reading the map and Grace was really fast so she got all of the hole punchers quickly.

The other pairs worked brilliantly together despite the rain! The other pairs were:  Beau and Patrick, Emma and Stephanie and George and Jitesh.  

At the end there was an award ceremony. Unfortunately, our school didn’t come 3rd, 2nd or 1st so they didn’t get a medal. Although they might not have had a medal, they did come around 4th place (out of 10 schools). It was an amazing experience and they lots of fun. 

Thank you to Mr Collard and Mrs Oswick for enabling us to compete.

This is our rather bedraggled-looking team at the end of the event. We are all exhausted and soaking wet!