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  • 04/04/19

    Easter Pause Day

    Easter Pause day was a reflective and enjoyable day for all of Year 6.  After Easter Service at church in the morning, the children spent the afternoon studying the Easter story in more depth in order to come up with strong arguments for the question, "Was Jesus God?". Once again, Yea...
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  • 04/04/19

    Read All About It in FirstNews!

    Mia is making headlines in FirstNews this week (issue 667). Last year, she won a nationwide competition with her solutions to solving some of the environmental and sustainability issues that are so apparent in our society. Her inspiring idea of a school dinners project sent...
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  • 26/03/19

    We are 'Wild at Heart'

    Yesterday, Year 6 kicked off Wild at Heart week with planting hedgerows. The ground was pretty tough, so they had to dig deep, and use all their might! They got dirty in the flower beds planting many different flora! Many painted bird boxes in the hope of encouraging wildlife into our mead...
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  • 22/03/19

    Order in the Court!

    On Thursday morning, Garnet and Amethyst were summoned to court.  The children brought to life their persuasive writing pieces, in order to convince their friends and family (the jury) that they should choose their client to become the rightful guardian of Lyra Belacqua from The Golden Compass...
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  • 18/03/19


    Year 6 have been enjoying their mindfulness sessions with Mrs Huckfield. Each fortnight, the children learn new strategies to keep themselves relaxed and calm. This week we learnt: how to control our breathing using 'Rollercoaster Breaths'; how to hold the tree pose; how self affir...
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  • 05/03/19


    This afternoon, Year 6 took part in a Readathon to raise money for Malawi Vision and the school library. We began by making reading dens, and getting changed into our comfy clothing. Then, children were immersed in their books for  90 minutes! We calculated that in Amethyst at least 2,582...
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  • 13/02/19

    Junior Citizens at Chessington World Of Adventures

    Today Year 6 visited Chessington World Of Adventures. However, to the disappointment of many we were not there to enjoy the rides or see the animals.   The 9 different learning sessions were designed to be interactive, where the children are taught a variety of life skills w...
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  • 25/01/19

    Forget Mr Kipling's....

    Amethyst Class has its own Mr Kipling! These professional-looking biscuits were made as part of our  British biscuit activity for Home Learning this week. Who doesn't love a biscuit and a cup of tea (especially on a Friday)!?
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  • 18/01/19

    'What does it mean to be a Jew?'

    This Week, Year 6 have been learning about 'What it means to be a Jew' in our RE unit on Judaism. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Jewish Festival- the Passover. They re-enacted the Passover meal, and tasted different elements of the Seder plate, some more readily...
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  • 19/12/18

    It's a Volcano Exxxplosion!

    The children have been busy being creative with their home learning this term. They have been making volcanoes that explode using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar or coca-cola and mentos! The results have been fantastic, but the classroom has been a little smelly post eruptions! Well done Year 6 for...
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  • 19/12/18

    Christmas Dinner

    Amethyst Class thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas Dinner today by pulling crackers and telling jokes. Thank you to all the dinner ladies for serving us up a delicious treat. Merry Christmas!
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