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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

Believing, Achieving, Succeeding

Year Six - Amethyst and Garnet


In Year Six we are Mrs Douglas in Garnet and Miss Wheeler in Amethyst. Mrs Dean and Mrs Goodwin support across both classes.

We start the year with a wonderful team – building experience at Hindleap Warren. The children are able to build on their resilience, problem solving skills, and independence that are so crucial to this last year of primary school. They challenge themselves, get muddy, hang out with their friends and generally have a fabulous time. Many memories are made now that will stay with the children for the rest of their life.

As the year truly gets under way, we expect the children to take their new found confidence and apply this in the classroom, preparing them for the SATs tests to come, but also for the new challenges they will encounter going into secondary school. Year Six is all about the children persevering through finding their own solutions, having their own voice, and becoming responsible and mature citizens of the school and wider community. To support them in this we offer a range of trips such as our Citizenship experience where they learn about staying safe and being street-wise, and we also run a mindfulness course later in the year as part of PSHE to support their well-being as young adults.

Once SATs are out of the way, the children are able to have a celebratory end to their life at St Matthew's starting with a pizza party, which is shortly followed by getting into rehearsals, set design and back stage logistics for their very own all-singing and all-dancing production - something the children absolutely love and again many fond memories and photo opportunities are given. This isn’t all. The children wrap up their year with a spiritually important trip and Leavers’ service at Southwark Cathedral; an assembly of their life at St Matthew’s in our church and finally with a Leavers’ party with a theme chosen by them and organised by members of our parent community.

Overall, Year 6 is a year about character building and providing experiences where the children beginning to evolve into the young adults they will become. As people who are proud of all the achievements they have made from exams through to performing to their parents, so they leave St Matthew’s with a large smile on their face and many, many wonderful memories.

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  • 18/07/18

    Centre of the Cell

    Yesterday, Year 6 were lucky enough to visit a The Centre of the Cell a one of a kind interactive education experience suspended over the working laboratories at Queen Mary's University. The children learnt about cells within this pod shaped like a 16-cell-embryo before being able to play a rang...
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  • 06/07/18

    We Will Rock You!

    Year 6 production did exactly what they intended to do in their performance of 'We will Rock You'. The children have worked extremely hard learning lines, songs, dance routines and stage directions this term, and their efforts were not unnoticed in the evening performance to parent...
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  • 28/06/18

    Year 6 Rounders at Hollyfield Playing Fields

    On Wednesday 27th July, Year 6 students (Bodhi Fennell. Maddie Bridge, Eva Turner, Cassious Ojok, Freddie Hogan, Yoonsik Kim, Zain Ahmad and Will Fox) attended a Rounders Match at Hollyfield Playing Field. Unfortunately, they lost their first game to St. Joseph's with the final score o...
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  • 28/06/18

    French Afternoon

    Bienvenue a Paris! Year 6 took a trip to Paris this afternoon. They visited the many tourist sights and practised speaking some French phrases. They wrote postcards to their friends and families, telling them everything they had seen and what they thought of the places. Lastly, they created the...
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  • 15/06/18

    Southwark Cathedral Leavers' Service

    Yesterday, the children attended their Year 6 Southwark Diocese Leavers' Service. The service was beautiful, and it offered a time for the children to reflect on their Primary School days at St. Matthews. They enjoyed listening to a group of children playing songs by Camila Cabello on...
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  • 07/06/18

    Sports Day

    Year 6 children had a fantastic Sports Day. The weather held out until the end of the day, and the children loved the carousel of sports activities. 'It had a different feel to other Sports Days- I really liked it,' quoted Aaron. The children enjoyed the tradition of running round the field...
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  • 05/06/18

    Tennis at Fuzion 100 Surbiton Trophy

    Year 6 were given the opportunity to take part in some tennis based activities at Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club by some professional coaches. Afterwards, they got to watch Liam Brody (UK) and Jeremy Chardy (France) play a thrilling first set, that went to a tie-break in the final game. The c...
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  • 23/05/18

    Spiritual Art Day!

    Today, the children were asking the question-'Where is God?' as part of Spiritual Art Day. They created some lovely pieces of artwork, which represented where they see/find God. Thinking ahead, they brought lots of their own materials and art supplies from home to make their creati...
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  • 22/05/18


    Year 6 took part in the FOSMP'S organised Bounce-a-thon along with the rest of the school! Many bounced more than 80 bounces per minute!
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  • 22/05/18

    Bon Voyage!

    Amethyst and Garnet have been accepted as members of The Endurance. They have set sail and have just been given Bon Voyage letters from their loved ones. Envelopes and cards were designed authentically.
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  • 22/05/18

    Letters of Interest!

    Year 6  received a telegram stating they had succeeded in impressing Frank Wild at interviews, and needed to respond to this with a further letter of interest to Ernest Shackleton. To show their continued interest in being recruited on The Endurance they used persuasive language, and expla...
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  • 18/05/18

    Year 6 Celebrate the End of SATs at the KIA Oval

    Today, Year 6 enjoyed a day in the sun watching a one-day cricket match between Surrey and Somerset. They also took part in numerous activities on the ground from batting to catching and even face painting! It was a well deserved treat for all of their hard work this week. 
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