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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

Believing, Achieving, Succeeding

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The team consists of Mrs Russell, Miss Taylor and Miss Tibbs. The classes are supported by Mrs Turner and Mrs Earle. 

This is a pivotal year for our children making sure they are on track for what upper key stage two has to offer. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying their learning therefore we provide them with a variety of trips, visitors and hands on experience across all areas of the curriculum. Throughout the year, we have the opportunity to learn outside gradually building up their skills and confidence of working and playing in the natural environment. 

Some of the key topics we cover in year 4 include: Anglo-Saxons, Europe, electricity, Hinduism, and Egyptians. All of our learning is complemented by creative projects such as making gliders in Science, using junk modelling to build Anglo Saxon villages in History and using Mod Rock to design landscapes in Geography.

Wherever possible, we encourage the children to start becoming more independent, to make the right choices and take pride in all their work. We aim for them to leave our year group with a zest for learning and love of life which will propel them onto the next stage of their learning.

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  • 12/10/18

    Practising our factor knowledge!

    We spent our maths lesson investigating factors and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Come and ask us all about factors!  
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  • 10/09/18

    Shhhhh! We have a Plan.

    In literacy, year 4 have been delving into the book 'Shhh! We have a plan', written by Chris Haughton. The author also illustrates his books and uses a distinctive colour pallet to depict the nocturnal wanderings of his bird hunter characters. In class, we have been trying to pred...
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  • 18/07/18

    Job Fair!

    Year 4 were lucky enough to have some brilliant parents in today. They came in to talk to the children about their various professions including Sports PR, Architecture, Surveying, Nursing, Policing, Teaching HR and Social work.  Amongst other things, the children learnt how to look for cl...
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  • 11/07/18

    Pearl does art at Southborough

    We had a fantastic afternoon at Southborough High School learning how to print in the art studio. We even ran in to some familiar faces...
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  • 09/07/18

    Art at Southborough School

    Art at Southborough High School-Opal
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  • 05/07/18

    We've learnt about digestion!

    This afternoon we had to recreate the digestive system with the following things;      Then we started the process by pretending to eat the cracker and banana and we mixed it with the saliva (water) and gastric acid (orange juice) in the stomach. We then crushed this a...
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  • 03/07/18

    Year 4 off to perform at the Rose Theatre

    Children in Year 4 went off this afternoon to take part in the annual Rose Theatre music extravaganza! They were all very excited and we have some photos of them practising already hot off the press! More news to follow tomorrow.   
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  • 28/06/18

    French Afternoon in Pearl

    We have enjoyed our French afternoon, learning about Paris. We then created artwork with matchsticks, inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Please take a look at our creations.
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  • 28/06/18

    French afternoon in Opal

    This afternoon we have had a great afternoon enjoying our french afternoon learning all about Paris. We then ended the afternoon by creating the Eiffel Tower out of match sticks.     
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  • 28/06/18


    In maths today we solved a problem called Hexagons. It was asking us to build patterns and then identify patterns using different numbers. We worked in pairs and then as a class to listen to our ideas and our solutions.  Then at the end we created a giant hexagon pattern! We had a great math...
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