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Home Science and Engineering Challenge 4

Magnet Maze

The Brief

Explore the concept of magnetic force through an object, and how we could use this force to create a little magnetic maze game.


  • a paper plate (or thin piece of cardboard)
  • Items to decorate (crayons, pencils, markers)
  • small steel balls (or other small steel objects)
  • a magnet

The Method

  1. Design your maze! It doesn’t really matter what shape, as long as there is a clear path to follow. A squiggly line works well, as does a spiral. 
  2. Put a steel ball on the maze side of the paper plate, and the magnet on the other.
  3. Move the magnet underneath. Magnetic force will make the ball move too!

Image result for how to make a magnet maze


Image result for how to make a magnet maze


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