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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

"Our vision is to enable our whole school community to live life in all its fullness." based on John 10:10

Stick Stories

After reading Stanley's Stick in class, we all thought of the ways you could use your imagination in nature.

Stanley's stick was a spoon, a banana, a whistle, a match and even a dinosaur!  We all walked down to the meadow and spent the afternoon being creative in the outdoors.  We used our speaking skills to introduce narratives, and we used our knowledge of measuring to compare lengths of sticks and sorting them into groups.

 "My stick is a lollipop!"

 "Mine's a paddle.  Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream."

 "My stick is a horse.  Watch me race!"

"Mine is a rake, it can gather all the leaves."

"My stick is a spear for hunting."

"My stick is a rocket, I'm going to travel to space!"

"I found a stick as tall as me."


"Who's got the longer stick?"


"Only by a tiny bit.  They're almost the same length."

"Yeah I think you're right."

"This branch is almost as tall as me."

"I found a shoelace so I'm wrapping it around to make a rainbow stick."