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Church of England Primary School

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Welcome to Reception! Where Miss Tuck is Red Class teacher and Mrs Tuck (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Lowe (Thur-Fri) are Purple Class teachers. Our children learn through active, collaborative and independent enquiry. We also have Miss James, Miss Pettyfer and Mrs Kirkhy as our classroom assistants.

The children engage in a fully interactive indoor and outdoor learning environment where their own initiated play is supported and extended through adult interaction. We actively encourage children to be independent and take control of their own learning. Our children are immersed in an enabling classroom that nurtures the characteristics of effective learning allowing them to play and explore, actively learn, and create and think critically.‚Äč

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  • 29/01/19

    Forest School

    Reception are really enjoying going to Forest School. We have been learning the Forest School rules and exploring our school meadow. We have been making bird feeders, dens, houses, rockets, boats the list goes on! We even found a suspected dinosaur bone...
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  • 07/12/18

    Stick Stories

    After reading Stanley's Stick in class, we all thought of the ways you could use your imagination in nature.
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  • 11/11/18

    Lest We Forget

    This week we have been thinking about the poppy and it's significance to Remembrance Sunday.  We discussed how this year's Armistice Day was particularly important as it marked 100 years since the end of the First World War.  In class, the children have been painting...
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  • 13/10/18

    Settling into Reception

    The children have really enjoyed their first few weeks in Reception, settling into their new environment and establishing new friendships.  They are becoming familiar with our daily routines whilst engaging in child initiated learning through play, based on their own interes...
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  • 13/07/18

    Surprise Visitor...

    Reception were very excited to be visited by a friendly cat this week! The cat made itself home in our outdoor area and did not want to leave (despite the noise)! The children were very sensible and thought about the cat's feelings as well as how to keep themselves safe by not touching or going...
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  • 19/06/18

    Young Engineers

    The children have been incredibly intrigued by the current engineering project in the Future Women in Science Club, which takes place in Purple Class every Monday.  
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  • 24/05/18

    Royal Wedding Fever

    Duke and Duchess of Sussex, may we introduce to you our very own Prince and Princess.
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  • 24/05/18

    Spirited Arts Day

    On Wednesday we explored the question 'Where is God?' The children shared their thoughts during an incredibly interesting class discussion, where many mentioned God being in heaven.  When asked how they could represent this idea through art, the children began to share their own...
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  • 16/05/18

    Mystery Seeds Update

    The children were incredibly pleased to see a few of our beans and seeds have sprouted!  Using our magnifying glasses and on close inspection the children could see the roots of the lentils, kidney beans and black beans, as well as small stems popping out of the soil.  We can'...
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  • 16/05/18

    Observational Paintings

    Mrs Tuck brought in an abandoned blue-tits nest found in her neighbour's garden.  The children were incredibly fascinated by what they could see, and were especially surprised to find the bird's eggs.  They took the opportunity to closely observe the nest, thinking about the s...
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  • 09/05/18

    Teddy Tennis

    As you may be aware we have recently started Teddy Tennis, which takes place every Friday afternoon.  Teddy Tennis inspires a love of sport, teaches the essential tennis skills, enhances co-ordination and builds communication and listening skills. It also teaches the concept of sportsmansh...
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