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St Matthews CofE Primary School

St Matthew's

Church of England Primary School

"Our vision is to enable our whole school community to live life in all its fullness." based on John 10:10

Order in the Court!

On Thursday morning, Garnet and Amethyst were summoned to court.  The children brought to life their persuasive writing pieces, in order to convince their friends and family (the jury) that they should choose their client to become the rightful guardian of Lyra Belacqua from The Golden Compass. 

The children worked incredibly hard within their groups, and after some impassioned arguments, the pressure turned to the jury.

It was evidently a very hard decision for the jury to make, but the votes were in.  It was decided that Iorek Byrnison would be Lyra’s guardian from Garnet Class, and Ma Costa was voted the best candidate from Amethyst. 

It was a fantastic morning, and great to see lots of friends and family.  Well done everyone!